Happy Holidays from your friends at Videoguys.com!

We would like to exend seasons greetings and best holiday wishes to all!! holiday 2005 has been a very good year for Digital Videographers. We've seen a bunch of new HD camcorders finally start shipping, and the NLE software guys are right on target with support for all the new formats. In 2006 we anticipate Sony, Canon, Panasonic & JVC will be shipping several different HD camcorders each. Perhaps we’ll see a couple of new vendors roll out HD cams as well. 2005 was also a year that saw tremendous consolidation in the industry. Avid purchased Pinnacle. Adobe bought Macromedia. Thomson buys a controlling interest in Canopus. We feel that this will result in better products, with more features than ever for our customers. On the technical side we've seen the adoption of PCIe, a much faster bus architecture that our vendors are just starting to tap into. Dual-core processors began shipping this year, and while we're still ahead of the curve, we have no doubt that by this time next year they will be our top recommendation. Hopefully by then we'll have a new 64bit operating system from Microsoft and more importantly, 64bit drivers and optimization from our vendors. Then we'll be able to unleash video editing workflows and features that will truly revolutionize video production. The HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war for the next generation of High Def optical disc wages on. We don’t care who wins anymore – we just want someone to start shipping products we can all use. Everyone I know with an HDTV wants to be able to watch HiDef DVDs, and we all have customers wanting us to produce them. The Videoguys’ are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest information in this on going saga. Hopefully Pioneer will have something for us to ship before NAB 2006. 2005 was a great year for Digital Videography. 2006 is going to be even better. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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