Which Hard Drives Are Most Reliable? HGST wins!

Fossbytes discussed which hard drives are the most reliable between WD, Toshiba, HGST and Seagate. HGST drives were tested and reported to not have any failure for an entire year. Most dependable hard drives in 2016 Q4 Over the course of this period, if you take a look at the table, the 8TB HGST, 8TB Seagate, and 4TB Toshiba hard drives were the only ones with 0% failure rate. Here, you can ignore the 8TB Seagate model as it had an average age of just 1.44 months. On the other hand, 8TB HGST and 4TB Toshiba drives went the entire year without any failure. hgst Compared to the 2.47% failure rate in 2015, the overall hard drive failure rate was 1.95%. It was far below the 6.39% failure rate for 2014. Hard drive failure rates by drive size Talking specifically about the size, the 4TB and 6TB hard drives were found to be most vulnerable, with 2.06% and 2.22% failure rate, respectively. On the other hand, 3TB and 8TB hard drives were found to be most dependable, with 1.40% and 1.60% failure rates, respectively. Click here to read the full article from Fossbytes

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