Hardware Accelerated Encoding Coming to Premiere and After Effects

Premiere Pro and After Effects- as the two main stays of Adobe- have seen huge changes over the years.  One of the newest updates coming to both workflows is accelerated hardware encoding.
This is great news for editors and video professionals working on either software, hoping to improve their workflow significantly.  

The news comes from Premiumbeat.com, in May.  The article points out that both NLE's have long been lacking utilization of discrete graphics cards.  This is a serious downside to exporting media within these programs.  

However, the latest beta includes GPU hardware acceleration.  This feature has been present in the most recent beta builds, Premiere Pro Beta 14.3 and After Effects 17.1.1.  


The graphics processors found in most CPUs are rather small and underpowered in comparison to a GPU. In filmmaking terms, a CPU is like a great solo filmmaker. They can write, shoot, light an interview, record audio, and handle the edit on their own, but they’re not quite an expert in any one field. Conversely, a GPU is like a Hollywood cinematographer. They are a master of lighting a scene and getting a great image — because that’s their whole job.

A GPU’s entire purpose is managing one very complicated task and doing it fast. The raw power of GPUs is one reason they’re so sought after for mining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The process requires solving complex computational math problems, an area where graphics cards excel due to their power, speed, and efficiency at handling one task at a time.


Check out the full article HERE.

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