Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket Review

Saving Content by Scott Ellison II

They should really call this the HD PVR Pocket, because of its compact size, you can literally store it in your pocket. The Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket then becomes the ultimate in portability and quality. However, ?Rocket? is equally as apt, as it is an expeditious way of recording gameplay.

What makes this device work so incredibly well is the lack of reliance on a PC to record your gameplay. While you absolutely can hook this up to a computer to record console gameplay, you simply don?t have to. The Rocket can go anywhere and everywhere you need it to. This is ideal if you don?t have a computer or laptop to directly connect it to, lengthy HDMI cables, or even hard drive space to accommodate .

The codec used for recording is done with the widely used H.264 codec. It?s an MPEG-4 format, and records at 30fps. So that means games on PC that are 60fps and above, or on PS4 like The Last of Us Remastered, still get recorded at 30fps ? but because it was played at a higher framerate, does look smoother overall when playing it back after it is recorded. There is no passthrough delay, meaning that when you are recording, there is no delay in the gameplay. So you can play in real-time while it records, with zero delay. read more...

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