HD = Hard Decisions

DMN By Peter May HD Decisions Forsake the Sony HVR-Z1U for the Panasonic AG HVX200? Producer/Director and Digital Media Net contributing editor Peter May has, this past week, had to make one of those choices we’re all facing all too often nowadays. He looked down one afternoon to see his “old† Sony HVR-Z1 and a brand, spankin’ new Panasonic AG HVX200, side by side on his bench, competing for attention. These two cameras represent two well-reviewed, new-tech-driven, high-definition alternatives, offered by respected HD players, sharing similar price points and form factors. Yet these are two very different cameras that will appeal to very different HD users. Here’s Pete’s decision and how he got there. Don’t blame me, blame my buddy Jim. He said, “I need a second Sony Z1, you love new technology, sell me your Z1, buy the latest and greatest.† Just about then my editor drops by with a new Panasonic AG-HVX 200P for me to review and I’ll admit, right away I was all “Z1 who?† Now, this article isn’t meant to be a head-to-head comparison between the Panasonic apple and the Sony orange. I mean, how dare me!? HD vs. HDV? P2 vs. tape? True 24P vs. Cineframe? Still, the fact is, HVX200 vs. HVR-Z1 is the decision presented me and, given that both these cameras hang out at the intersection of Pricepoint and Innovation, I’m betting I’m not the only who’s stood on this corner. Read More

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