HD / HDV Editing with Sony Vegas 6

Manifest Technology by Douglas Dixon Vegas6Sony's Vegas has been a popular video editor, especially for its extensive audio support from its heritage as a former Sonic Foundry product (mediasoftware.sonypictures.com). The previous version, Vegas 5 (introduced in April 2004), added support for HD editing, and significantly enhanced the associated DVD Architect 2 authoring tool. The next step forward, Vegas 6, was introduced in April 2005 along with DVD Architect 3, and continues these trends of flexible HD and audio support, while also adding more professional features. Vegas has a distinctive look, with a flexible layout of multiple titled windows. Below the main Timeline area at the top of the screen s the window docking area, where you can easily show, hide, and resize your working windows with splitter bars when docked together, or have multiple docked windows floating independently as you prefer (i.e., on a second monitor). The interface also includes a variety of distinctive (and not too tiny) icons to provide access to controls and options (identified by pop-up tooltips, and also accessible in the extensive right-click menus). Vegas 6 now adds deeper support for organizing assets and managing projects. The Media Manager is a full-up database to organize and manage media files and associated attributes; you can tag files to assist in searching. Plus, Vegas can import and export AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) files to exchange projects with other applications. You also now can nest Vegas projects (.veg files) within the timeline, and edit them like any other clip. And Vegas recognizes imported media with embedded project information, so you can just select Edit Source Project to open the associated application (i.e., Sony's ACID, or another instance of Vegas) to further edit the original project from which the media file was exported. Let's take a closer look at the new Vegas features for HD and audio editing, and the new professional features in DVD Architect. read more...

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