DV Mag By Douglas Dixon January 2005 Putting Windows Media Video HD on a DVD. HD on DVDAffordable HD is coming fast for video professionals, thanks to HDV gear and a new profusion of tools for editing HD. It's feasible to shoot and capture and edit in HD, but how do you distribute HD productions? HD VCR and DVD players are the next step, but what about right now? Higher-capacity DVDs could be available by late 2005 (for more on that information, see the "Blu-ray and HD DVD" sidebar). No one wants to wait for a format war to resolve, so let's talk about how to distribute HD on a shiny disc today. Microsoft has a solution you've been able to use for a while now: Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) High Definition format (www.wmvhd.com). And now, brand-new tools from Sonic now let you author it. read more...

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