HD Video Pro takes a look at the new Vimeo PRO

HD Video Pro by Neil Matsumoto

Vimeo releases Vimeo PRO, a new video service designed for small businesses.

As you probably know, online video has grown leaps and bounds in the past several years. Recent studies have shown that video will take up nearly half of all Internet traffic by the end of next year. Along with the DSLR and all-in-one NLE packages, video sharing website Vimeo has been one of the most empowering tools for indie filmmakers. Launched in 2004 , Vimeo allows users to host and share videos in high quality HD and also provides an online community of users to give constructive feedback. But let’s say you’re a business or a shooter for hire that only wants to promote your company. Up until now, Vimeo has not allowed commercial use of its services for businesses.

This week the New York based company launched Vimeo PRO, a new service for filmmakers or small businesses to showcase video in an easy and affordable fashion. Vimeo PRO will exist as a separate service outside Vimeo.com and also will not have access to the Vimeo community. “We’re gearing this more towards small businesses who do not have a CTO, any programming knowledge nor do they want to spend a lot of time figuring out the whole video thing,” explains Vimeo VP of Creative Development Blake Whitman. “These businesses just want to plug and play and this is what we’re really good at – presenting the information and the know how of easily uploading video.”

Similar to how Vimeo has helped level the playing field between indie filmmakers and the studios, Vimeo PRO will enable small businesses to compete with large companies who are using video to promote their business. Some of the features of Vimeo PRO include many of the features found in Vimeo Plus, such as 1080p presentation, player customization, advanced statistics, domain level privacy, HD embedding and great support for mobile, tablet and TV viewing. read more...

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