HDR Basics: 4 Things You Need to Know

No doubt, HDR technology is impressive. NoFilmSchool's article below is packed full of great information from an experienced colorist. Be sure to check out our outstanding linse of HDR production monitor and recorders from SmallHD and Atomos.

HDR 101: 4 Things You Need to Know About High Dynamic Range

From NoFilmSchool Technicolor senior colorist Mike Sowa discusses HDR, its impact on storytelling, and his collaborations with directors and cinematographers. For filmmakers, it’s really important to understand the impact of all of the technology and tools at your disposal to create powerful, visually striking content. High Dynamic Range is an exciting new technology that opens up a whole new palette. Being limited in how you use color and light to tell your story can restrict you from realizing the fullest potential of your vision. HDR, when managed by filmmakers (and especially cinematographers), allows the viewer to experience more immersive and vivid colors, much richer contrast, deeper shadows, and brighter highlights. Here's what you need to know...[continue reading] nofilmschool-hdr

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