HDR Improves Content Resolution on All TVs

HDR: High Dynamic Range, explained: There’s a reason to finally get a new TV

HDR Resolution Monitors Atomos and SmallHD monitors now feature (High Dynamic Range) capabilities and in this article from Sam Machkovech of Ars Technica discusses high dynamic range or better known as HDR. Don't miss this information piece here!
High Dynamic Range immediately and noticeably improves the kind of content that looks washed out or flat on SDR screens. Dark caves, sun-soaked beaches, and high-contrast scenarios look amazing when powered by HDR-10 metadata and translated properly on a compatible screen, even without an SDR screen nearby to compare to. Quality HDR-10 content currently exists, so set owners have a decent amount to watch right now. Because the required metadata can easily be captured on modern 4K/8K cameras, and barely affects the total bandwidth hit for sources like streaming-media apps, we expect compatible content to explode in availability this coming year, too. Buy now or buy soon, but either way, it's time.
[Check out the full article at Ars Technica]

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