HDV — Ready for Prime Time?

By Stephen Porter Computer Graphics World, October 2004 Will the new HDV format usher in the next revolution in video production? Liquid HDV There's a debate going on in the professional video world that's eerily reminiscent of one that occurred back in the mid '90s when the DV format made its first appearance. Back then, the discussion focused on whether DV would one day replace the much-revered Betacam SP analog video format and the higher-end DigiBeta format. At the time, many dismissed DV as a toy for consumers, arguing its low quality was incapable of meeting the needs of true video professionals. But time proved the fallacy of such arguments, as the DV format slowly but surely infiltrated even the highest ends of the professional video world. Today, a similar debate has emerged around HDV—a new high-definition video format that promises to make HD production affordable for nearly everyone. Since its introduction a year and a half ago, more and more vendors of video cameras and non-linear editing (NLE) software have announced their support for the format, and the list of HDV users continues to grow. But the big questions about the ultimate role of HDV remain: Is HDV really bringing affordable HD production to consumers and video professionals alike? Does the emergence of HDV spell the end of the DV format? Will HDV equipment one day replace the need for the more expensive HD equipment currently on the market? read more...

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