HDV: A Hands-On Test Drive

DV Mag By Adam Wilt March 2005 HDV setupWith affordable HDV cameras, decks, and NLES now available, is it time to toss DV in the digital dumpster and go high def? Not so fast. You can get HDV cameras capable of shooting high def 720p/30 or 1080i/60 for roughly the same prices as comparable DV cameras shooting standard-definition video. Pick up a JVC HD1 or HD10, or a Sony FX1 or Z1, and you can be shooting high def today. Should you? After all, Sony's president, Kunitake Ando, and Apple's Steve Jobs jointly declared 2005 "The Year of HD," and almost all NLE suppliers--including Adobe, Apple, Avid, Canopus, CineForm, Lumiere HD, Media 100, Pinnacle Systems, Sony Vegas, and Ulead--have announced or are already supporting HDV editing. read more...

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