HDV And The Future

DV Mag by The Rev. John Jackman January 2005 A look down the road for HDV. HDVLast year's announcement of the HDV format and JVC's demonstration of the JY-HD10U at DV Expo East 2003 created quite a stir of excitement. The Web forums were buzzing. Some folks thought the new format would sweep the field and transform lower-budget production the same way DV did when it first came out. The JVC cameras were considered by some to be the new Sony VX1000s, ready to set a new standard. Others pooh-pooh'd the format and the whole idea, citing the incredibly high compression rates of the format, the cameras' single-chip nature, and the limited adjustability of the initial cameras. Well, here we are a year later, and many of us were getting pessimistic about any forward motion for this format-until Sony's surprise announcement that it will be shipping a new three-chip HDV camera, the HDR-FX1, in November 2004. Sony also said that a professional version of the camera will be available in the first quarter of 2005, at under $7,000. Although these announcements recharged the HDV excitement, questions remain. Will HDV be the next DV? read more...

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