HDV and the Sony FX1

eMedia Live By Jan Ozer - Posted Feb 15, 2005 FX-1 After testing Sony's HDR-FX1, I'm an HDV believer. It's not the second coming of DV, but it can be extremely useful in a number of circumstances, including when you need to down-sample the results to SD formats. Conversation between Stephen Nathans, editor and myself, December 20, 2004: Nathans: So, now that you've spent more time testing with HDV, how do you like the Sony HDR-FX1? Me: It's an awesome camcorder. The camcorder to buy in 2005. Nathans: How does HDV look? Me: Great, surprisingly good. Makes me rethink all the negatives I've said in the past about MPEG-2 as an acquisition format. Nathans: So, did you shoot any real events in HDV? Me: Are you crazy? It was right at that moment I knew that the nice, pleasant, straightforward review of the FX1 was about to morph into a complicated, frustrating, and potentially embarrassing first look at the HDV format itself. In my view, before the conversation, I could recommend the FX1 wholeheartedly simply for price and DV performance, with HDV a nice bonus if HD-DVD or Blu-ray ever came around. read more....

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