HDV Done Right - A Message From Avid

Xpress ProMojoThe emergence of the HDV format, offering high-definition quality video on a MiniDV cassette, has enabled a number of exciting new applications for video professionals who couldn’t afford the high cost of HD equipment. New three-chip professional camcorders from JVC and Sony have made HD production possible for more people than ever, and facilitated some innovative ways to use the technolog. After the euphoria of breaking into HD production wears off, HDV production poses some specific questions that need immediate answers: what do I do with my HDV footage now that I’ve acquired it, and how do I mix it with the other formats I’m working with? Avid helps you meet both of these challenges. When Avid says "HDV Done Right," it means providing the tools and technology you need to work in the real world, natively incorporating a variety of format types and third-party programs to help streamline the production process. Sidestepping all of the hype surrounding HDV, Avid understands what you want to do and gets you where you want to go. read more...

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