HDV editing using Avid’s Liquid 7.1, Part 1

Digital Content Producer by Steve Mullen al7 hdvWhat would it mean to your HDV editing workflow if you could insert multiple video formats into a Timeline? I found one answer to this question when I spent several weeks working with Avid's Liquid 7.1. The question is a natural follow-on to most of what has been covered in the last few months in HDV@Work. When we looked in depth at interlaced HD and how it was processed by progressive displays, the issue at heart was converting one HD format to another. In the last few issues of HDV@Work, we explicitly examined the topic of media conversion when I dealt with the use of legacy video. Nevertheless, we never really addressed how various media could be brought together. If one is working with Final Cut Pro, the solution is to convert the different video formats to the format you will use for editing the majority of your source material. With Liquid, the solution is far simpler -- simply edit with little, or no, regard to format. Right now, I have two HD sequences on my PC. One sequence was created as 720p30 HDV while the other sequence was created as 1080i60 HDV. read more...

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