HDV: High Def Value

Videomaker by Paul Suchecki HDVIf you're eager to leap into High Definition production, but prefer to limit your six figure purchases to real estate, then HDV is for you. In the same way that Mini DV revolutionized standard definition shooting, the not quite three-year-old HDV format is doing the same for Hi-Def. Affordable HDV is available today, but myriad variations can confound a buyer. At first glance, you might suspect that the video princes have sidestepped their usual format wars. HDV was created by a partnership of Canon, Sharp, Sony and JVC. Much is in common. HDV records in MPEG-2 on Mini DV cassettes. The aspect ratio is wide screen 16:9, while the output is 1080i (1080 pixels horizontally scanned interlace) or 720p (720 pixels scanned progressively). The tape run time for HDV is the same as for Mini DV, so your 63-minute cassette will last more than an hour. Since the top throughput of HDV tops out at the same data rate of DV tape, video can be readily loaded to an edit system in real time via FireWire. read more...

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