HDV to Film: A Real-World Test

DV Mag by John Jackman HDV EDit In the world of professional video production, the HDV format has gone from novelty to viability in record time. The rapid changes began over a year ago when Sony introduced the HVR-FX1, and DV Contributing Editor Adam Wilt pronounced its compressed, MPEG-2 picture to be "better than it has any right to be." The release of the Sony HVR-Z1U upped the professional-quality ante, and HDV cameras from Canon, JVC, and Panasonic have streamed into the market. With slick editing solutions available from all of the major players-Apple, Avid, Canopus, CineForm, Lumiere HD, and others-the HDV format has arrived in a big way. Despite the sales success and broad acceptance of HDV, there is still an information gap in terms of how well it really performs. Although a lot of HDV units have been sold, a large number of DV readers are still on the fence about whether to buy into the format or not. read more...

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