HDV’s Coming Up

Computer Graphics World February, 2005 by Jeff Sauer Sony HDVIf you’re not that familiar with HDV, it would be both a little surprising and completely understandable. After all, over the past year HDV has become one of the video industry’s hottest buzz-acronyms and most eagerly awaited product classes. But for the working creative professional, that’s the rub: There hasn’t been much in the way of products to actually use, at least until now. HDV is nothing more than a format-a future format at that-and so it is perhaps not all that interesting to the active videographer or designer. But HDV is arguably the most intriguing format to come along since MPEG-2 (which also got a lot of press before there were really any usable products). Simply put, HDV is an industry-standard way to write high-definition MPEG-2 video, either 720p or 1080i, onto standard DV tape. read more...

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