Here come the New HP Z2 Workstations

Below is an article from about HP's new line of Z2 entry-level workstations. These new workstations deliver powerful cost-optimized performance without sacrificing graphics power, expandability or security. The new workstations include the HP Z2 Mini, the HP Z2 Tower and HP Z2 Small Form Factor as well as the HP EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition. If you want to learn more about the new Z2 line check out the article below.


...There are those, however, who don’t need the dual CPU power of the Z8, or even the slightly less competent Z6 or Z4 (the next two machines down the line). Budgets and space considerations play a part in making the argument against installing such heavy iron. So what to do if you are an animator, artist, architect or entry-level user who wants a machine with a smaller footprint and a lessor price tag that can still offer the level of power and performance of a true workstation?

HP has your back: the Palo Alto-based company has just revealed the Z2 line of entry-level workstatioThe HP Z2 mini takes up little room

ns. According to the company, this new lineup delivers powerful cost-optimized performance that is software certified for the apps you want to run, yet does not sacrifice graphics power, expandability or more

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