Here Comes Monarch Edge: Matrox is building some important stuff

Matrox has some brand new streaming technology that we should all keep an eye on.

Matrox is never far from the forefront. It was building GPUs before they were called GPUs. Then the Montreal, Canada, company catapulted video editing into the real-time broadcast quality domain with its family of NLE cards and Digisuites .

Since then, they have been very low key, because its products have been more infrastructural and “problem-solving”, but no less accomplished for not being in the eyes of the public.

We’ve recently been using the Matrox Monarch HDX - a dual-encoder streaming “appliance” that lets you to send independent streams to two streaming hosts (say YouTube and Facebook) from a single HDMI or SDI input.

Just as you’d want from an appliance, we found it solid. Highly recommended, based on our experience of it. Click here for the full article.

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