Teradek_Live_PRoduction_SuiteChurch Production gives us a first impression of the new Teradek VidiU Mini On Camera Streaming Encoder and their Live:Air IOS APP. Together they allow you to create and produce a live 2 camera streaming shoot for just over a thousand bucks. That's pretty grand!
Church Production by Mark Hanna There are a number of companies that I look for when it comes to product releases, and Teradek is one of those companies. I think it’s mostly because in my mind they represent how fast technology has changed in recent years. Near the beginning of my career I worked with a company that was streaming video. At that time is was not quick, it was not easy, and it took lots of gear. About five years later Teradek introduced the first VidiU, and changed that situation entirely with a platform that would fit in your pocket. Now Teradek is introducing the VidiU Mini. Similar to the original VidiU, the Mini has new features that appear to improve ease of use and results. If you can’t tell by now, I am pretty excited about the possibilities found in the new VidiU Mini. Lowering the entry barrier on both hardware and cost for churches to bringing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to people via the internet gets me pretty jazzed. Even better if it lets them take their stream to the next level by giving them access to titles, keys and prerecorded content, all on a tablet. read more...

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