Here's What you Need to Know to get Started Live Streaming with Roland Mixers

Roland has created a great guide on their website for those looking to get into the world of live streaming with Roland Products. In this page, they have outlined which of their switchers make a good jumping off point, and how they should be applied.

Pieces of the Puzzle for Live Streaming:

Essential Hardware:

The basic hardware you'll need to deliver audio and video to your streaming audience.  This can include:

  • Camera(s)
  • Microphone(s)
  • Computer or Smartphone
  • Your game console (for streaming live gaming)

A/V Switching and Encoding Devices:

Adding a switcher to your stream provides a single hub for all of your stream elements.  This allows you to pull in multiple hardware features and stream into one location.  This can include:

  • Roland VR series of A/V Switchers
  • Roland GO:LIVECAST

Streaming Platform:

Where you are sending your stream is on of the most important pieces of the puzzle.  The three types of streaming destinations include:

  • Secure
  • Public
  • Monetized

Where and how Should I Stream?

Choosing the correct channel for your livestream is a tricky process.  There are a few elements to consider:

  • Who are you presenting to?  Is it a small private group?  Or is it worldwide or a large group? 
  • What is your budget?  Should you use a free service?  Or a paid service?
  • Is your company requiring you to use enterprise level tools?

What Equipment do I Need?

This question comes down to the quality of stream you are looking to achieve.  For instance, if you are creating a small, barebones stream- you can use a built in webcam on your computer.  But, an external camera- or multiple cameras- can really step up the quality of your stream and boost viewer engagement.  

In addition, a switcher or mixer will also allow you to bring in graphics like lower thirds, and channel bugs, which are also great for boosting your stream quality. 

Here's what you should consider when determining the level of your stream:

      • What does your audience need to hear? 
      • What Does Your Audience Need to See?
      • Can you lighten Your Workload with Automation

What's the Best Roland Switcher for Me?

Check out this chart illustrating which Roland Switchers are appropriate for your needs.

Check out this article from Roland to Learn more.

Learn more about Roland HERE.

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