High-Resolution DV

VideoSystems by By Steve Mullen hdv camSony’s HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 1080i HDV camcorders ease the transition from DV to HD. The Sony HVR-Z1 and HDR-FX1 might be the most elegant camcorders ever designed. Other than the XLR connectors on the Z1, sold by the Broadcast & Professional Systems division, the two camcorders are physically the same. What distinguishes them are the firmware-enabled features provided by the $5,946 HVR-Z1. In a coming issue, we'll examine the many Z1 features and detail the procedures you can use to work with both camcorders. But let's start with a look at a few of the Z1 features and discuss the underlying technology that the Z1 and the FX1 ($3,700) share, with a few insights from my experience using both camcorders. read more...

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