HighPoint RocketStor 6328 - Case Study

Industry's First - Thunderbolt 2 RAID Adapter

HighPoint is Now Shipping the RocketStor 6328

HighPoint Technologies, a pioneering force in the storage industry for the past 19 years, has begun shipping their revolutionary Thunderbolt 2 Hardware RAID adapter, the RocketStor 6328, to their global distribution and retail partners.

The RocketStor 6328 no-holds barred approach to storage connectivity turns convention on its head; delivering unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility and Plug-and-play usability into a tiny, self-contained enclosure! The built-in hardware RAID supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD configurations and delivers the uncompromised performance and superior data protection demanded by professional 4K media applications.

HighPoint Thunderbolt RAID Adapters integrate industry proven RAID technology designed to support a wide range of eSATA, Port Multiplier and Mini-SAS storage configurations. The RocketStor 6328 presents an entirely new concept for Thunderbolt-based storage solutions:

  • Versatile RAID Solution: dual external Mini-SAS ports directly supports up to 8 SAS/SATA hard drives and SSD's, up to twenty when paired with SATA Port Multiplier capable drive enclosures, and as many as 128 via SAS Expander.
  • Lowers TCO - customers can use existing storage devices and upgrade to Thunderbolt connectivity. Time-efficient solution for customers with existing RAID storage; HighPoint Thunderbolt RAID adapters natively support arrays created with any RocketRAID controller and Mac OS X RAID configurations.
  • Future Proof - RocketStor Thunderbolt RAID adapters are ready for future Thunderbolt technology. Customers can easily upgrade current storage to upcoming Thunderbolt platforms.

Compatible with Mac OS X RAID and RocketRAID Storage Configurations
Designed to simplify and streamline storage integration for Thunderbolt 2 platforms, the RocketStor 6328 is fully backwards compatible with all previous and current HighPoint RAID controllers, and includes built-support for Apple RAID configurations created with OS X's Disk Utility. No other Thunderbolt storage solution delivers this level of convenience, flexibility and performance - all at an unbeatable price point!

Full Thunderbolt Certification for Mac & PC
Platforms HighPoint Thunderbolt product lines offer the peace of mind and hassle-free integration demanded by today's media professionals. The RocketStor 6328 is compatible with any Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 host platform, and has been certified by Intel and Apple. Like all HighPoint Thunderbolt products, the RocketStor 6328 is has been rigorously tested, and found to be fully TBT Compliant, for both Windows and Mac platforms.

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