Holy PetaBytes Batman! HGST Targets Active Archive Market

HGSTActive-Archive.jpg.pagespeed.ce.2iE4Uf5wT2So I'm over at the G-Tech booth at NAB in Vegas checking out their latest offerings and I get pulled over by one of their top sale guys. I've got to go over and see HGST's (the parent company of G-Tech) Active Archive solution. The HGST guy taking me over to it is telling me they're packing almost 5PB (4.7PB to be exact) into a single rack. That's PetaBytes, my friends. That's 4,700 terabytes. For the bargain price of $860 grand!! It's not for everyone, but for enterprise level content creators like the TV networks or Hollywood Studios it's right up their alley. If your interested in purchasing one, give us a call 800-323-2325 and we'll see what kind of deal we can get you. Ask for Gary ;-)

HGST Targets Active Archive Market With Scale Object Storage System

Based on Amplidata technology with 4.7TP in rack on helium 8TB HDDs For data centers battling massive data growth, flat budgets and limited IT resources, HGST, Inc., a Western Digital company, announced its Active Archive System, an object storage system that enables businesses to store, retain and harness the power of data. Delivering 4.7PB of raw storage in a single rack, the Active Archive System is a ready out-of-the-box object storage system that helps data centers evolve from siloed storage to cloud-scaleactive archiving. For data that is past the create and modify phase of its life, and in need of long-term retention with fast access, the system provides accessibility, scalability, simplicity and affordability. Its TCO beats the white box economics of traditional cloud infrastructure to enable organizations to store and access more data, driving deeper insights and ultimately unlocking the value of their data. "HGST's Active Archive System supports our strategy to bring higher value to the market so customers can transform their data into business value," said Dave Tang, SVP and GM, elastic storage platforms group, HGST. "Data has become the currency of the new economy. The ability to store, retain and interact with data enables businesses to gain new insights to help boost productivity, make better decisions and even predict the future. We recognized this tectonic shift and have delivered the only solution that can offer superior economics with industry leading rack density, resiliency, and access at petabyte-scale. Leveraging our investment in object storage software and our unique approach of vertical innovation, the Active Archive System is positioned to help users unlock the power of their data." read more...

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