Home-Building for HDV

By Steve Mullen Video Systems Sep 1, 2004 How one editor specified his own system—from CPU to GPU—to optimize its HDV editing performance. DIY HDV computer Now that hdv is a viable production format with many associated editing solutions, I decided it was time for me to spec my own HDV editing system. Much has changed in our video world since March 2001, when my “Building a Better NLE System† article appeared in Video Systems. One obvious change is that realtime effects are typically generated by a computer's CPU — not by specialized hardware on a PCI board. Both Macs and PCs now routinely work with a half-dozen SD streams. This change forces you to look carefully at the hardware power of the platform you own. To maximize realtime capabilities, you need to keep your computer up to date. That means not only the fastest processors, but a maximum-speed motherboard and maxed-out RAM. Moreover, if 3D effects are generated by a graphics processing unit (GPU), you must be certain that not only is the processor super-fast, but also that it has a lot of very fast RAM. Read more ...

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