Home Video Hints: Holiday Videos that Rock!

Videomaker by Jim Stinson December, 2004 Holiday Video "Every Christmas, I end up with miles of footage but no video." -- a recent Videomaker conference attendee (Phoenix, AZ) The problem with the jolly season is there's just so much of it, whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza or any other winter festival. By the time you try to edit every highlight from the last day of school to the Rose Bowl game, you've got too much of everything and not enough of anything. To shape a program, you must select and emphasize events, preferably before they happen. So this season, try following four simple guidelines: plan for success, anticipate problems, shoot to edit and work like the pros. With very little effort, you'll collect the raw footage for a program to treasure through many holidays yet to come. Plan for Success Since you can't shoot everything, the first step is to select just two or three upcoming events to cover thoroughly. These might include a shopping or tree-buying expedition, a visit to well-loved relatives, a program at your school or house of worship, a family feast, outdoor games in the snow (if you've got some) or the delicious ritual of giving and opening gifts. read more...

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