Hot new Features in Yololiv YoloBox Pro v1.9.0! Inviting Guest, BGM for Countdown Timer, UVC with Overlay

YoloLiv is always taking feedback and looking to make their YoloBox products better than they already are. With the new YoloBox Pro V1.9.0 upgrade there are many new features including inviting guest, BGM for countdown timer and more! 

Check out the new features!

Inviting guests to your stream

Now there is a new tab for inviting guests. Please note that...

  • You can only invite up to 5 people as your guests by sending an invitation email directly on the YoloBox.
  • You can do the green screen, add overlays, do multi-views with other inputs, and do whatever you want.
  • Please make sure you have turned on the “Allow participants to join” option before the start, otherwise, the guests cannot join the stream.

Here are some tips YoloLiv suggests when inviting guest to your stream

  • Do not use the USB port if you want to Invite guests at the same time.
  • Animated graphic overlays including web URL overlays, GIF images, and countdown timers are not recommended while using the Inviting Guest feature.
  • The inviting link can only be used on computers and phones without tablets. So if you are using an iPad, the invitation is not available.

BGM for the countdown timer

After YoloLiv received a lot of feedback for the music background in the countdown timer they decided to add this function in. Now you can add your own background music in the countdown timer via the SD card or USB storage. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA, Flac, MIDI, RA, APE, AAC, CDA, MOV. But the most suggested format is MP3. 

USB webcam out now supports outputting overlays

UVC now supports overlay output. You can now output overlays to make it show up in Zoom, Skype, Teams and more. 

Web URL overlay optimized
YoloLiv took their users feed back after hearing that the Web URL overlay does not display fully on some websites. They optimized the display for the most commonly used Web URL websites like Flexyscore, Ligrsystem, Singular.Live,,, Streamlabs, and more.

Swap multi-views with one click

You can now easily swap multi-views with two input resources and you can switch between the main screen and sub-screen. 

Presentation switcher

This new upgrade features provides the ability to output a nice layout with the scaled and cropped videos, while also passing through both the camera and presentation video for other purposes like sending to Zoom or projecting in-house. 

More social overlays

YoloLiv has added for other social overlays including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Before the upgrade only Facebook social overlay was available.

Auto-hide for more types of overlays

Auto-hide is now available for all graphic overlays. 

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