Hot Promo! FREE SideFinder EVF with SmallHD 500 Series Field Monitors

free sidefinderSmallHD is running a fantastic promotion! Get a FREE Sidefinder EVF accessory with any SmallHD 500 series field monitor purchase! That's a $300 value!! When paired with a 501 or 502 monitor, the Sidefinder Accessory is the highest resolution (1366×768) electronic viewfinder and the highest resolution (1920×1080) 5-inch, on-camera monitor—in one. The union between either of SmallHD’s 500 Series Monitors and the custom-designed, professional EVF Loupe, offers all the benefits of using a field monitor and an EVF, without compromising speed, agility, or image quality.
DoddleNEWS by James DeRuvo I love good, aggressive promotions, especially when it comes to hardware I like, and with SmallHD, that’s no different. For the next two weeks, those who buy a SmallHD 500 series 50-inch field monitor will receive their Sidefinder optical Loupe viewfinder for free. That’s a $300 value. The SmallHD Sidefinder was custom built to work with the 500 series, which offers both SDI and HDMI input, making it ideal for just about any modern cinema camera rig. Designed with a patent pending, folding exoskeleton, the SideFinder optical loupe turns the SmallHD 5-inch 500 series field monitor into an electronic viewfinder for viewing in bright ambient conditions, or when users are shooting in ENG situations. The swing out hinge allows shooters to move the loupe out of the way to make adjustments as well, but a third mode enables shooters to detach the monitor from the camera and use it with a gimbal, slider or jib as a remote monitor device. Included in the Sidefinder is a wireless remove control that shooters can attach anywhere the monitor goes and still have complete control of the monitor. read more...

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