House of Worship streaming is here to stay

Many houses of worship faced a new challenge when Covid spread in 2020. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Sydney did what a lot of other houses of worship did and turned to live streaming. As much as a challenge as it was for many, they did what they could to connect to their audience. 

Once the world slowly started getting back to normal, houses of worship noticed that their in-person services were not as packed as they use to be. This meant streaming was here to stay. 

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart set up a permanent solution. They contacted their long-time technology partners, Clare Communications for help and advice for a permanent solution. 

The streaming setup included PTZOptics cameras and Roland V60HD Switcher.

"The cameras provide everything from locked-off wide angle vision from the rear of the church through to the flexibility of a pan/tilt/zoom unit attached to a pillar that has the capability of capturing anything that might be missed by the rear camera. The Roland switcher can achieve a very professional package with a short period of training.” 
Kyle Stuart, Systems Design & Project Manager, Clare Communications 


Their live streaming setup was simple, affordable and works perfectly for what they were aiming to achieve. Now Our Lady of the Sacred Heart are able to stay connected to their audience, and help family and friends stay connected for weddings, funerals, and other events. 

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