Houses of Worship Instant $500 Rebate on Epiphan Pearl-2 Live Production System Purchase


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Houses of Worship get an instant $500 Rebate on Epiphan Pearl-2 Live Production System Purchase!

Churches, synagogues and other houses of worship get an instant $500 rebate on any Epiphan Pearl-2 purchase. Purchase must be made by 2/28/18.
Offer good through 2/28/2018
Epiphan Pearl-2 base$6,375.00

Epiphan Pearl-2 is the easiest way to do live streaming, switching and recording.

Create stunning live video programs by combining, encoding, switching and recording your 4K and HD video. Live stream on Facebook, YouTube or any other CDN from your 12G SDI or 4K HDMI cameras and professional line-level audio. Simple to use with a web-based portal for initial configuration and a touch screen or tablet interface for live production control. 4K video productions require the optional software. Other add-ons will also be made available in the future unlocking even more great features!
  Epiphan Pearl-2 & Pearl-2 Rackmount Videoguys Product Spotlight for Review
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Epiphan Pearl 2 Rackmount Pearl 2 Rackmount, the all-in-one system for live video switching, streaming and recording in HD and with an option for 4K. All the same features of Pearl-2, designed for installation in a rack. Epiphan Pearl 2 Rackmount Twin  Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin pairs two Pearl-2 systems on a rack for maximum space efficiency and the perfect all-in-one system for live video switching, streaming and recording in HD with option for 4K.
$6,975.00 $13,950.00
Epiphan Pearl-2 4K Add-on Add 4K functionality to your Pearl 2 base with this 4K feature add-on. The 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities. $2,120.00
Epiphan Pearl 2 Base with 4K Add-on  Epiphan Pearl 2 Rackmount with 4K Add-on Epiphan Pearl 2 Rackmount Twin with 4K Add-on
$8,495.00 $9,995.00 $19,995.00

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