How 8K Cameras could Change Live Event Production

4K is still a decently new development in the video space, so it's understandable that many people don't know what to make of 8K.

Epiphan Video recently posted a great article about 8K cameras and their place in live event streaming. We're going to break down some of the finer points of that article.

8K computer monitors and television panels feature about four times more pixels for a sharper image. However, there is hardly any 8K content to access or showcase. It is also still unclear if the difference between 4K and 8K is visible to the human eye.

It will be a while before the average consumer or business can handle 8K and embrace it. However, Epiphan is excited about the potential for the practical application of 8K in live streaming.

One of the biggest drawbacks of 8K is bandwidth. If live streaming in 8K, producers must make sure that their audience can handle viewing it on the technical side.

8K Cameras

Major camera companies such as Canon, Red Digital Cinema and Sony have already released 8K equipped cameras. Although they have major price tags, using one of these cameras can allow producers and users to cut costs in other areas of production.

8K Cropping for Live Video

The video quality of 8K and 4K allow cropping of an image without compromising the quality.

Let’s imagine a practical scenario. You’re producing a live event, a panel discussion taking place in an auditorium. There are four participants on stage. You’re capturing the stage with a single 8K camera setup at the back of the room. With an 8K-capable appliance, you could crop the video into 1920 × 1080 blocks, each framing one panellist. Think of each crop as it's own layout.

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