How a Subscription Model Lets Adobe Give Us More

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I recently wrote a blog post about Creative Cloud – both the good and the bad as I’ve seen it. I tried to channel a lot of your concerns, as they are also mine. I’m told that the blog post reached the top executive level of Adobe, and that it helped them to understand our concerns and to address them. Apparently, it’s hard to understand anything when people are screaming bloody murder at the top of their lungs. Glad I could at least help make us heard AND understood.

OK… This past Thursday night, at After Effects New York, Steve Forde and Todd Kopriva (two prominent members of the After Effects team) gave a presentation on After Effects Creative Cloud – the next version of AE. They fielded a lot of difficult questions, many of them from me. While some of their answers didn’t satisfy me, most of what they had to say was very encouraging.

IMPORTANT: If you are one of those people who want to own your software, and keep it forever, none of what I put here is going to satisfy you. Adobe is moving forward with Creative Cloud – software as a service, not a product. If there is simply nothing that Adobe could offer you that will satisfy you enough to make the move to subscription acceptable, then register your complain HERE. Past that, this update is not for you.

Here goes…

How a Subscription Model Lets Adobe Give Us More

Adobe is a publicly traded company, and being a company in that category means that there are legal restrictions on them. These restrictions keep them from being able to say certain things, and certainly for them to do certain things. In fact, this move to subscription model is aimed at reducing many of the restrictions – so, if they keep to their word, certain things will change. read more...

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