How does Shure’s Patented Audio Reference Companding work?

Shure’s Patented Audio Reference Companding

blog2012044.pngWhat is it, and what does it do?
A more efficient companding scheme that vastly improves wireless sound quality.

What is companding?
Companding is the process of compressing the audio signal prior to transmission and expanding it after reception. All pro audio analog wireless relies on companding to deliver a wide dynamic range.

How does it work?
Audio Reference Companding is a level-dependent companding scheme. Instead of companding across the entire dynamic range like most wireless systems (causing a whooshing audio artifact known as "breathing"), companding only occurs at high audio levels. These levels are high enough to make the companding artifacts inaudible.

Why is it better?
blog2012045.pngSounds more like a wired microphone, with less noise and greater dynamic range than other wireless systems. No artifacts, lower noise floor, clearer sound at all audio levels. This feature is commonly found in professional-level Shure Wireless systems, starting with the SLX series and including the new FP on-camrera mountable wireless series.

Shure FP Series Portable Wireless Systems

Featuring Shure’s industry-leading wireless audio technologies, FP Wireless incorporates Shure’s patented Audio Reference CompandingTM for ultra-low noise, crystal-clear audio, Automatic Frequency Selection for locating and identifying open frequencies at the touch of a button, and Automatic Transmitter Setup for instantly syncing the transmitter to the receiver frequency. FP series components include a lightweight, portable receiver and XLR plug-on, bodypack and handheld transmitters.

"Shure has a patented predictive diversity algorithm that enables the FP5 to provide extremely reliable performance even though it is a very compact receiver,” added Vaveris. “It offers better signal stability than other single-antenna receivers. Regardless of the application and use — from reality television to event videography shoots to one-on-one interviews, all of the features combine to make FP Wireless the most rugged and reliable system in its class,” added Vaveris.

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