How Long Should Your YouTube Video Really Be?


“Which is the most popular video-sharing site today?” Virtually everyone asked this question reply with “YouTube.” This can’t be helped since there’s no other video site that can boast of popularity, activity, and revenue like YouTube can. In a Sysomos report in 2009, it’s said that YouTube attracts 81.9% of all video embeds and direct links. With that number, surely, all of us will agree that YouTube dominates the video-sharing industry.

The Ideal YouTube Video Length

With so many entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multi-national corporations using YouTube today, one can find resources for just about any topic related to it such as how to SEO YouTube videos, how to make a YouTube video viral, how to get thousands of subscribers, and more.

However, regardless of how many new articles about YouTube come up, one question still remains: How long should my YouTube video be?

To be completely honest, there’s no specific video length that can be called “perfect and fail-safe,” especially when your video is created to acquire leads and boost sales.

According to Unruly, the top 10 video ads of 2012 have an average length of 4 minutes and 11 seconds. That’s quite long if we compare it to the top Super Bowls ads from the same year which only averages at 83 seconds. What we’re trying to say is that the ideal length of your YouTube video actually relies on several factors. read more...

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