How to Create A Great-Looking Skype Video Feed

Studio-LightingThe NewTek TalkShow is a new technology that leverages Microsoft SkypeTX to deliver outstanding video quality over Skype. This is a great way to bring in remore talent to your productions. In this article Steve Hullfish gives you some great tips to optimize the video quality of your remote talent with better lighting and using the right microphone. Newtek Blog by Steve Hullfish

TalkShow allows you to add live interviews, perspective, and credibility to your program, meeting or training by easily incorporating any connected Skype user as a guest speaker without the expense and effort of flying in an expert or hiring a crew to do a live remote feed.

While TalkShow can dramatically enhance the technical quality (the sound, the video quality, the color correction) there are a few things it can’t do. It can’t improve the bandwidth between you and your remote caller – although there are things you can do apart from TalkShow to make sure you’re getting the best signal possible. read more...

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