How To Enable GPU Cuda in Adobe CS6 for Mac

Vidmuze by Mike Gentilini, Jr.

A lot of folks were complaining about how most GPU accelerated graphics cards are not supported in Adobe's new Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 applications.

Thankfully there is a simple and quick fix that allows you to enable your GPU videocard to be supported that makes the editing experience so much better.

Mike takes six mintes to show you how to complete this on a Mac.

Now, let me also say, not every Nvidia video card will work. There are still some requirements.

  1. Your videocard must be Nvidia (Supports CUDA). At this time, ATI does not work.
  2. Your videocard needs to have at least 896MB of onboard memory.
  3. Your memory needs to be DDR3 or DDR5. DDR2 is too slow and you will see performance issues in Premiere Pro.
  4. Videoguys recommends the GTX570 card for outstanding CS6 CUDA performance in both Premiere Pro and After Effects

You can download the following ZIP file that includes all of the required steps for the modification.

Have fun!

Click here to go to Mike's website and download the ZIP file

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