How to Live Stream to Facebook with your PTZ Camera with PTZOptics

Facebook Live has become a very valuable resource in the past few weeks, as more businesses and schools look to reach an audience remotely. PTZOptics produced this great video and article in 2017 detailing how to stream directly to Facebook with your PTZ camera. We thought we would take a look back on that article, below.

Stream Directly to Facebook from the Camera

In this 2017 episode of Back to Basics Paul Richards and Tess Protesto from PTZOptics stream directly to Facebook using a PTZ Camera. Users can now live stream to multiple destinations inside Facebook. This includes: your personal page, a page you manage and a Facebook group or event.

The basics of live streaming to Facebook with a PTZOptics camera involves entering the Facebook RTMP streaming key into your PTZOptics IP camera interface.


Once you have your RTMP live streaming information, you can inster it into the interface on your PTZOptics IP Camera. Facebook will provide a RTMP server name and secret stream key.

This is different from YouTube, which allows users to utilize a stream key that never changes.

Facebook always generates unique keys for live streaming. The Server is always the same so you can always simply take the Facebook Server information and type “/” slash the stream key to enter the full streaming destination into your camera.


Before setting up your camera, it is also considered best practice to plug in a microphone for embedded audio on your stream. Users can check the audio and video boxes directly inside the IP interface on the camera.

Check out the full article HERE.

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