How to Make a Smooth Transition from Premiere Pro 1.5 to Edius 3.x

By Frank Spangler edius 3 You may be checking into Edius out of curiosity, your workplace or school may have purchased a Canopus system, you may be looking for more real time, you could be looking to work with HDV, or if your like me you’ve had a Storm card sitting idle for the last year and a half and you want to get the power back. (You may also, like me, be tired of waiting for Adobe to release PP 2.0, and your curious about what Canopus has been up to with their rapid development of Edius.) Whatever your reason to be checking out Edius, if you are a Premiere Pro 1.5 editor, you are in for some “culture shock† when you first try and navigate your way around the Edius GUI. Having been a Storm card owner for many years, I have purchased every release of Edius and have tried each one of them, only to come away from the experience very frustrated and confused. With the release of Edius Pro 3.x things are starting to look a little more normal. The big catch for PPro users is that Edius grew up around the old Premiere AB style of editing. And that is what is presented to you by default. If you are a PPro user you will not feel comfortable in this environment and may be very tempted to bail out after playing around with the program for about 20 min and head on back to Premiere Pro. Fortunately there are a few tips, tricks and “work-arounds† that can make you feel at home fast. While this document may tend to poke a little fun at the UI of Edius, it is meant in the best of intentions and with complete understanding that it is a “work in progress† and that improvements are being rapidly added. I must also add that while Edius may have the appearance of an immature product it is actually quite robust. Remember, just because you can’t find the features, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Just because you can’t figure out how to get Edius to do something, doesn’t mean that it can’t do it. I have been an avid user of Premiere Pro since it came out, but I am now editing a lot of projects in Edius and I can testify that it can be made to work. When you know how, you can fly! read more...

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