How to Migrate Timelines Between Video Editing Applications

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Move your video editing sequences from one application to another using these quick workflows.

In an ideal world you would be able to open any video editing project file in any program, but it?s not that simple. Each video editing application has it?s own set of tools, workflow and effects, so the round tripping process is somewhat convoluted. This is where AAF and XML files come into play.

AAF and XML files are designed to help migrate sequences between video editing apps. They make it possible to go from FCPX to Resolve to Avid to Premiere and anything in-between. However, there is a specific workflow that should be followed for each migration to ensure success. In the following post we will take a step-by-step look at the migration process between the big 4 editing softwares: Avid, Premiere, Resolve, and FCPX.

For some of these workflows you will have to use DaVinci Resolve Lite as a bridge program. Thankfully Resolve Lite is free from BlackmagicDesign?s site.

Migrating Timelines To Premiere

Avid to Premiere

Importing Avid sequences into Premiere is easy.

  • In Avid, with your sequence or master clip selected in the bin, right click and hit ?export.
  • When the box pops up select ?Untitled? from the dropdown menu and click the box that says ?Options?.
  • Under the ?Export As? dropdown you can select AAF, click save.

You will now be able to import the AAF file into Premiere. You can find out more information about this workflow by going to Avid?s site. read more...

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