How to pick your ideal HDMI or HD-SDI interface for WireCast (Pro)

PVC by Allan Tepper

Depending upon how you prioritize features, ease of camera matching, and ISO recording will help you choose the hardware.

Many people have heard of Telestream’s renowned WireCast (Pro) software, which can convert a qualifying Mac or Windows computer into a multiple-input audio/video mixer (“switcher”). Among its features are a character generator, virtual sets, internal recording, and live Internet streaming. Are you planning to connect progressive or interlaced HD cameras as sources? Would you like a software waveform monitor to help match them? Keep reading to choose the best hardware for your situation.

In this article

  • Supported HD-SDI input devices for WireCast (Pro), including comparison chart
  • How to handle and connect progressive HDMI cameras to WireCast (Pro)?
  • How to handle and connect progressive cameras with direct HD-SDI?
  • How to handle and connect cameras which are interlaced only?
  • Why are computer cycles such an issue?
  • Which would Allan Tépper choose?

Supported HD-SDI input devices for WireCast (Pro)

Both Blackmagic Design and Matrox make HD-SDI PCIe input cards which can all handle up to four HD-SDI sources. Both can also be connected via Thunderbolt using an external chassis which I’ll be covering in more detail in an upcoming article. Here you’ll find a chart that compares the Blackmagic card and the two Matrox cards: read more...

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