How to Set up your Atomos Ninja V & Canon EOS-R

Atomos just published a fantastic video on how to set up your Ninja V and Canon EOS-R!

Full Video

The setup is easy to understand and comprehensive. Showing people exactly what to do and how to do it is clearly what they focused on when putting this together!

"The setup guide will:
-Take you through the intricacies of the menu set up
-How to make the most out of your camera/recorder combination
-Outlines benefits of shooting for High Dynamic Range (HDR)."


Optimal camera settings, getting the highest possible video quality with the EOS-R, HDMI outputs, Canon C-Log, HDR settings, audio settings, LUTs and more are all covered here. All in one easy to watch, easy to understand video.

No Canon... No Problem!

Non-Canon users still learn a lot here. Knowing more about the Ninja V’s AtomOS 10 user interface will help a lot for any camera for HDR recording. That's fantastic news!

Time Stamps

Here are the timestamps straight from Atomos!

0:10 – Intro

0:16 – Canon EOS-R specs

0:33 – Ninja V & EOS-R footage

0:38 – Ninja V specs

1:30 – Canon EOS-R Menu Settings

4:07 – Canon C-Log

5:33 – Ninja V setup

8:36 – XML & export settings

9:26 – EOS-R auto-focus

10:07 – Summary

Learn more about ATOMOS here!

Watch the full VIDEO here!

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