How to Upgrade NLE Software in the Middle of a Project

how-to-upgrade-mid-projectVideoguys does not recommend upgrading your NLE mid project. Even with these helpful tips, it's still a recipe for trouble. With any major NLE release, we recommend that you wait a couple of weeks, checking online support and user forums, before upgrading. Sometimes the new upgrade will disable or change the way a specific feature operates. While this may not matter for some users, it could be a critical issue for you. Wait, watch, read and learn from other users. Then jump on the upgrade when you are confident it's the right move and time for you to do it.


While upgrading you non-linear editor is never recommended until you're between projects we all know that many of us do it anyway. Here's a guide to how to do it (somewhat) safely. ProVideoCoalition by Scott Simmons There is a rule of thumb that is a near universal standard when it comes to and upgrading a new version of your nonlinear editing software mid-project: don’t do it. Those are words to live by. You’ll read this all over the internet. Always wait until you are between projects to update to the newest version of Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer or any other post-production software not mentioned here. But many people update anyway (often myself included) for a number of reasons and there is nothing that is going to stop them. You can at least do it with some certainly that you can roll back to an older version if need be and maybe only lose a minimal amount of work. But seriously, don’t do it. Who would be insane enough to upgrade they’re NLE mid project? There’re those that like to live on the cutting edge and always want the newest features [hand halfway raised]. There are those that are experiencing a particular nasty Bug that a new update claims to squash. There are even those that are building a new system mid-project and might not have much of a choice. But more than all those reasons above I think there are a lot of us who are really never truly “between projects”. If you really waited to be between projects you might never upgrade... [continue reading]

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