How to use iPhones as WIRELESS Cameras with the YoloBox Pro

In a recently uploaded video to YouTube, Aaron Parecki shows us how the YoloLiv YoloBox Pro can use your iphones wirelessly as camera inputs.

YoloBox Pro is a video switcher, encoder/streamer, monitor, recorder and audio mixer all in one. With built-in restreaming service, native support integrates directly with YouTube/Facebook/Twitch, adding graphic overlays (logos, lower-thirds, picture in picture, scoreboard, rolling captions) and featuring comments to the stream, Side-By-Side, Split-View and much more.

Watch the full video below:

0:00 Intro
0:22 Clean feed
1:23 Overviewer
2:08 Shoot
2:43 Receiving the clean feed
3:01 MacOS
5:16 Apple TV
6:56 Mirascreen
9:01 Android options
10:28 NDI Options
11:56 NDI on the Apple TV
13:56 NDI on the BirdDog Play
16:07 Other NDI Options
16:52 YoloBox Remote Guest
21:23 Wrapup 

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