How to use NDI to Integrate a MEVO Start Camera into Wirecast

Mevo cameras are a very popular camera solution at just $399, and can pair great with workflows using Wirecast and NDI. Recently, Telestream put out a great article on their blog discussing how to use these affordable cameras in your workflow with the power of NDI.

We'll be breaking down the steps Telestream has left to pull off this workflow, below. 

1. Use the MEVO app to start NDI output from your MEVO camera.  

Using the MEVO App start your NDI output from your MEVO camera to be brought into Wirecast.  Start by opening the app, and then tapping the three dots on the bottom right corner.

2. Scroll down to the "NDI Mode" section and turn it ON:

Tapping these three dots will bring you to a menu within the app, and select "NDI Mode".  Enable this mode, and turn it on. From here, your MEVO camera should be transmitting an NDI signal for you to pick up.

3. Open Wirecast, add a new source, bring in your MEVO NDI Signal.

Tap the "+" button on the bottom of the Wirecast interface, select network, select the name of your MEVO Camera, and then hit Add.

You can now see your MEVO Camera within Wirecast. 

Check out Telestream's full article to learn more. 

Learn more about Telestream HERE.

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