How to Use Scripts in Sony Vegas Software

DMN Technique By Douglas Spotted Eagle vegas scripts Sony Vegas Software has offered a powerful user-controlled function since Sony Vegas 4.0 known as "scripting." Scripting allows Visual Basic/Javascript-savvy users the ability to develop custom tools that work inside Sony Vegas, drawing on the tools and resources found inside the Vegas software application. For example, a script might take dozens of mundane or repetitive tasks and put all tasks under a single button push, making it a single step to accomplish several tasks at once. A good example might be the Normalizing script, which allows users to select a single or multiple audio events and normalize all of them at one button selection. Another excellent example of scripting is the Aspect Ratio script, which will take images of all aspect ratios and apply the proper Pan/Crop aspect to the images or video so that they match the aspect ratio of the entire video project. This alone can save hundreds or thousands of individual keystrokes, which results in saving tremendous amounts of time. If a single script shaves a few minutes from a single project, over the course of a year this can result in the savings of hundreds of hours. read more...

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