How Will an HP Z Workstation Impact Your Production?

PVC by Jeremiah Karpowicz

Explore the logistics around the many ways an HP Z Workstation can change your approach to a project

The Mac vs PC debate feels like it?s been going on forever in media & entertainment. It?s a debate that has passionate defenders and opinions on both sides, but the unfortunate reality is that those same people often don?t realize what the other side has to offer. With hardware capabilities that change so quickly, it?s important to have solid info about what these systems can do to ensure you?re using the one that?s going to work best for you and your projects.

That?s why we wanted to talk with someone who could give us detailed info about just what PC?s have to offer professionals at every level. Mike Diehl is the product manager for the HP Z Workstations, and as such has invaluable insights around how these machines can and do impact everyone from individual freelancers all the way through production houses that employ hundreds of people. He?s been with HP for a long time, and has some key insights around how the industry has developed in many different respects.

We talked with Mike about the HP Z Workstation family of products, about how users can and have customized their machines, what sort of learning curve professionals are looking at when switching from a Mac environment and plenty more.

ProVideo Coalition: At a high level, what is it about the HP Z-Series Workstations that really make them stand out? How are they different from other available hardware solutions?

Mike Diehl: The focus of HP Z Workstation development is on improving the productivity of the world?s most demanding users of workstation computers. HP has been developing workstations for more than 30 years. In the beginning, workstations were based on proprietary hardware and software. In the late 90?s HP made the successful transition to PC-based workstations. HP is the only workstation vendor of the original four (SGI, Sun, IBM and HP) still producing workstations. The others didn?t make the transition. And not only did HP successfully navigate this transition, HP has achieved the #1 position in worldwide workstation shipments. We owe this to our deep customer intimacy and focus on meaningful innovation to create true customer value. HP Workstation customers help define our future products. read more...

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