HP Z Workstations and Displays..!

iamfilmguy.com by Ryan Brown

This past week I was in Manhattan New York City to take part in the HP Pre Launch. It was really cool to see all the latest HP offerings and enhancements to their whole new Z Workstations, Z Books, Z Displays...basically HP has a total solution now to maximize your workflow from mobile, workstation, and displays for every level whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for the fastest most powerful hardware to get your work done in less time! We've never seen anything quite like this from HP. I love their new 'Z' branding...!

I also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest hardware from HP and it's nothing less than stunning, innovative, and always expanding on their strengths of reliable, solid, performing products. Over the past year or so I switched from Mac products to HP. The transition was surprising a lot smoother than most might think. A big reason is the fact that HP works so closely with the software and other vendors that goes right into their products like the Z Workstations. I've not dealt with downtime, or lots of issues because it's on a Windows platform. In fact Win7 Pro has been really reliable and solid. Also something that really to me matters is having a workstation that can actually house my hardware inside and with Thunderbolt coming in their latest products it's only going to get easier and easier I think for Mac users to seriously consider a switch like I did. The Z820 I run is so much more powerful and capable of a workstation than the MacPro that just couldn't keep up with the performance of my HP Z820. Apps like Adobe Creative Cloud just work better and faster. I just get more work done in less time-which has a big part to do with the ability to run more ram, more cores, not too mention a real thought out design keeps my HP Z820 running cool and quiet...gotta love it..! read more...

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