HP Z workstations push the limits of CGI and video editing software

Gadgety News by Jay Garrett

HP’s Z workstations have been designed to meet the demands of design and media professionals who may be working with intricate 3D models, complex datasets, video editing and photography.

The Z workstations set the “standard for innovation, performance, and reliability” according to HP, and are used in areas such as media, entertainment, engineering, architecture and even life sciences.

HP Z workstations come in all shapes and sizes to fit the job in hand, whether it’s the compact studio-based all-in-Ones, regular or small form factor desktop workstations, to going on location with laptop workstations such as the HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation. The latter manages to offer a choice of Windows OS as well as processors including the Intel Core i7-4600U with Intel HD Graphics 4400, and a large 16GB of RAM all in to a laptop so that work can continue in the field, or even when traveling between locations.

While the specific devices are tailored for different working scenarios, they all offer the power that professionals require.

Advanced Video Editing Software on HP Z Workstations

HP shows how HP Z workstations can be combined with cutting edge video editing software to create awesome things with huge industry names such as The Mill, Milk, Framestore and Imaginarium presenting how they use the HP Z workstations in creating their art. read more...

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